Year Round Events

See all of the awesome events we have planned for every season!


Senior High Winter Retreat


Fun in the snow at LCLC. Get re-acquainted with your camp friends from summer and make new friends for next year. Come and see what LCLC is all about.  

4th through 8th Grade Winter Retreat:

Canceled due to COVID-19

A taste of summer in the middle of winter. Bible studies, sledding, campfires, games, singing, great food, and great friends. Don’t miss out on this great time.  


Adopt-a-Project Work Day

April 17, 2021 

A special day devoted to groups and individuals for taking on a predetermined project.  Contact the office for a list of potential projects up for "adoption."

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July 4 - 30, 2021

With so much still uncertain about how long COVID-19 will continue to disrupt our programming, please be patient with this tentative 2021 schedule.  A decision to permit or prohibit residential camping may not be made by New York State until May or June.


Mini Camp, Classic Youth Camps, Recruits in Advanced Training for Service (RATS), Sailing Camps, Senior High Week, Night Owls, Confirmation Camp, and Horse Camp.


Adult Fall Retreat

September 17-19, 2021 

A program of learning, fellowship, faith, and fun for adults.  Program, food, and lodging take place in our hotel-style Retreat Center.

 Blacksmithing for Beginners

October 16, 2021 

Join us for a day of forging and fellowship in which you’ll be introduced to the basic blacksmithing techniques of fire management, drawing-out, upsetting, cutting, bending, and twisting. Using these techniques you will heat a piece of iron to brilliant glow and with anvil, hammer, and tongs create a decorative and useful piece of ironwork.