The LCLC Meat Raffle

The LCLC Meat Raffle

October 5, 2019 / 6:00-9:00 PM

Leonard Post #6251 VFW

Join us for this very unique and fun event for the benefit of LCLC.  There will be lots of meat to be raffled, a basket raffle, homemade pie sales, and a 50/50.  Click here for more information

2019 Solicitation Letter and Donation Sheet

 How does a Meat Raffle Work?

Most meat raffles do share some commonalities.  After paying your admission, selecting a seat at a table and digging into the snacks you bring with you, the meat raffle begins with exchanging your large bills for $1 bills.  This exchange makes the job of the ticket sellers easier.

The meat raffle is divided into “rounds”.  At the beginning of each round, the emcee will announce the number of spins of the wheel for that particular round.  This may be one spin per round or maybe four or five spins per round.  The more spins per round the better your chances are of winning a piece of meat with the same ticket.  Ticket sellers walk around the room at the beginning of each round selling tickets.  Each ticket typically cost $1 and usually have two or more numbers.  This means that if the wheel lands on either of your numbers for that round you win the meat for that spin.  Each spin produces multiple winners because the same numbers are sold to multiple people each round.  LCLC’s meat raffle will be similar to the above with possible twists.